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  • Date posted: 2020/01/03

This is an overall introduction of TEEP@ICPT in 2016. From this video, you can see whole picture of this program from the clips of every activities and events included.

  • Date posted: 2016/11/25

Team A in 2016 ICPT includes three participants from Vietnam, one from Poland and one from Denmark.

  • Date posted: 2017/02/20

Team B in 2016 ICPT includes 2 participants from United States, two from Germany and one from Nicaragua.

  • Date posted: 2017/02/20

Team C in 2016 ICPT includes one participant from Thailand, one from Columbia, one from Indonesia, one from Vietnam and one from Haiti.

  • Date posted: 2016/09/10

Team D in 2016 ICPT includes one participant from United States, one from Honduras, one from Poland, one from Indonesia and one from Vietnam.

  • Date posted: 2016/09/15

The final presentation was held on September 2. All four teams presented what they have completed and recommended for clients.

  • Date posted: 2016/09/18