2019 Program & Schedule
Program Timetable
Events Date Remarks
Application Jan 15 ~ Apr 30 On-line application

First Announcement on March 22

Second Announcement on April 15

Final Announcement on May 3

Complete Member List on May 21

June 1 ~ June 15


(ON SITE, Kaohsiung)
June 24 ~ Aug 30




精湛光學股份有限公司Ching Chan Optical Technology Co.,Ltd

Ching Chan was founded in 1992. Through 20 years of efforts, CCM staff adhere to ""technique innovation"" and ""quality improvement"" to successfully develop multiple optical sorting machines, meanwhile the establishment of OEM sorting department is to sustain a large number of practical field test to continually enhance and improve the quality. Nowadays, CCM high-precision sorting devices have gained excellent name recognition among the well-known fastener manufacturers in the worldwide.Since 2014, CCM gathered an over 10-year experience team and launched new machine line of Bolt Former, Bolt Parts Former and Process Monitoring. CCM is the first company which combine ""Multi Station Former"" & ""Process Monitoring"" together which could let customer monitoring all the process in-line. After the production, CCM Inspection Machine also provide customer the best solution. 







Toford Plastic Manufacturing Corporation,over 35 years of experience. Toford works with clients across Asia Pacitic,the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Manufacturing expertise. Toford makes high-grade PVC and HDPE products for gardening users and agricultural,industrial professionals alike.Local delivery. Toford has the capability to service its client across the world-by client's choice,we have our in-house engineers as well as trusted local servicing partners to ensure on-time and consistent project execution.For this reason,Toford is known by its clients for the high aptitude of its service and construction on aquacultural cages and misting systems.





清展科技股份有限公司Taroko Door & Windows Technologies, Inc.


Taroko Door & Window Technologies’ business and operation are operated with the 4 principles Honesty, Innovation, Service, and Sustainability, which are expressed in the acronym HISS. Taroko is located in Kaohsiung, a port city in southern Taiwan. Founded in 1987, the company has grown to be an innovative manufacturer with the design concepts of creating a safe, comfortable and harmonious living and working space life style. At Taroko, we are committed to quality and service and added-values to our customer. Over the past twenty years, our core values have been deeply rooted into our employees’ mind and refined as the "HISS Way" - Honesty, Innovation, Service and Sustainability. We dedicate to the development of business and the nurture of these core values has become our way of life. 





台灣寶瓷水科技股份有限公司 Taiwan Porcer Water Technology Co., Ltd 

Taiwan Porcer Group has dedicated in water field technology. They have thier own brand products, such as Koiller faucet for cleaning greasy dishes without detergent, health product Oral Irrigator. The vision of Procer is to create a harmony environment for human and the nature.