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It is FREE. All the activities fees, tuition fees, and transportation to company visit are fully covered by the program. What's more, we provide the participants with partial subsidy for living expenses in Taiwan. (Maximum 10-week allowance of NT$ 25,000 to $30,000)

However, the participants have to take care of all personal expenses on their own, such as flight tickets, accommodation, living expenses, etc.

All non-native English speaker applicants will be asked to provide their English proficiency certificates. There is no specific minimum requirement. The score is considered as a reference alongside several other factors during the application review process since English is the common language in the program. It is also the reason we request for a selfie video from those are qualified in the first stage of review. Of course, we may still ask for a Skype interview if necessary.

Attention is given to every aspect of an application, academic degrees, work experience, English proficiency, and your motivation and expectation to the program are all taken into consideration. Please make sure you provide all the required information correctly and as detailed as possible before submitting your online application.

No. Please proofread your application carefully before submitting it. We do accept new test scores or updated CVs listing new work experience. To submit any updated CVs or test scores, please email a .pdf to

The actual in-depth review of your file is conducted by the program director, co-director, and consultants.

Please refer to the 2020 schedule:

Login "" to check your latest review status.

The requirements vary from countries. After we receive your confirmation to join in the program, we will guide you how to apply for the visa via email.

We suggest all the participants stay in a hostel which we've collaborated for several years. The hostel is close to NSYSU with plenty of good amenities and the rental is rather cheap. But still, the participants can arrange accommodation on their own only let us know the exact address and contact in Taiwan.

After the participant list is confirmed, the program director will divide the participants into groups and match each a company. The matching is based on the company's need and the members' background and expertise. Each team will then be assigned an assignment, so everyone has to start working with your teammates online before arriving in Taiwan.

Yes, each year we will create a new Facebook page exclusive for the members of the year.