2023 TEEP - Youth Business Talents Initiative Program in Taiwan

TEEP denotes Taiwan Experience Education Program, which was initiated by Ministry of Education (MOE) of Taiwan government three years ago. For the successive eight years (2015-2022), the TEEP center at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU), located in Kaohsiung City of Southern Taiwan has continuously applied and gained the funding to conduct International Consulting Program in Taiwan (ICPT), Southern Taiwan Software Industry Development Program (STSIDP) and Cross-Border E-Commerce (CBEC) Talents Promotion Program.


In 2023, the NSYSU will be the host for TEEP: Youth Business Talents Initiative Program in Taiwan (YBTI). The program is a team internship opportunity for international youths interested in seeking their future career development in economically booming Asia area. Our program is well designed to facilitate international youths’ professional learning on the one hand and help Taiwanese enterprises to gain more internationalized experience and talents on the other.


Moreover, the opportunity for participants to be recruited as a full-time employee by Taiwanese enterprise after the program can be expected accordingly. In the past five years, 2015 to 2022, 10 international students from USA, Vietnam, Indonesia, ,France and South Africa got full-time positions in the local enterprises to seek for their long-term careers after participating in this program. We expect to bridge more international talents with the Taiwanese enterprises in the upcoming years.

Who are we, NSYSU? ( Link to NSYSU)

As the host of TEEP, NSYSU is one of the top ranking universities in Taiwan in the field of business management, with three consecutive AACSB accreditations since 2005, energetic and active international exchange programs, abundant resources from alumni, diversified industry cooperation experience with local business community. All of these fruitful ingredients combined contribute to the formation of the TEEP. We are proud to be the only program to offer this kind of internship in Taiwan during the summer and win subsidy from MOE for 8 consecutive years.

What is 2023 TEEP: YBTI?

YBTI, a sub program under the “TEEP” held by Ministry of Education (MOE), offers a 12-week consultancy internship. A group of 5 participants from different countries and with diverse academic expertise and business experience will be formed and dedicated to conduct a project with an aim to solve the challenges a local SME faces currently and finally provides some executable recommendations. Each group will be assigned a exclusively advisor, who is a senior practitioner in consulting industry with much business experience and connections in their career and will guide the group by accompanying them to visit the client, meeting to provide help each week. Local SMEs from diversified business fields and industry backgrounds will be invited to participate and cooperate with YBTI. While offering this precious opportunity for teams to practice and sharpen consulting and problem solving skills, to get comprehensive understanding of business culture in Taiwan, they really expect to see innovative and practical recommendations and solutions related to their current challenges from an international team. Therefore, the mission of the all YBTI participants is to provide a solution for clients within this period.

What activities YBTI includes?

Started from Pre-program activities for 2 weeks (Jun 19 to Jun 30), accepted applicants will be asked to establish some communication platforms to get familiar with each other and build up team consensus. At this prepared stage, participants complete all activities on line. All teams will also be asked to do some researches about their clients and the project topic before they actually come to Taiwan.

The next stage is on-site real work for 10 weeks (Jul 1 to Sep 8) in Taiwan. Some practical and useful training workshops specifically designed for improving and sharpening consulting and communication skills will be provided before client visiting. In addition, periodical team meetings and advisor meetings every week would also provide a platform to work on the project closely both within the team and with advisor to assure the project is on the right track.

Client visiting every week to find out more facts, to identify and discuss potential issues, and to report the findings is also required to further consolidate the progress of the project. Midterm presentation is arranged to check the project progress and teams have to present before all clients, advisors, and judges. Final presentation is the time to demonstrate what teams have done and their recommendations to clients.

What training will be provided?

While our participants come from different countries with diverse academic and industry backgrounds, some even with fruitful business experience, we strongly believe that some advanced skills in personal and as a team are required to win trust from your client and make a successful consulting team.

For the first month on site, we will invite professional lecturers with abundant consulting experience to equip participants with the following building blocks of consultancy and problem solving skills, including teamwork and project management, presentation and business writing, logical thinking, problem solving and management tools.

What other events applicants will experience?

To better equipped international participants with sense of Taiwanese culture and for enjoyment in their leisure time as well, at least three scenic trips will be organized during this period. Last year, we arranged trips to Fo Guang Shan(Buddha culture) and Jiu Zhen Nan Taiwan Pastry, and several business visit to the local enterprises. Besides, language classes are also provided to improve their communication ability in Chinese and a test will be conducted to determine their Chinese proficiency level in the final. 

Watch videos in the past years

2022 TEEP@AsiaPlus Introduction

This is an English introduction of 2022 TEEP@ICPT.


2019 TEEP@AsiaPlus Introduction

This is an overall introduction of TEEP@AsiaPlus in 2019. From this video, you can see whole picture of this program from the clips of every activities and events included.


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Schedule for 2023 program
Benefits for Participants
  • Meet purpose driven top talents with diverse background and expertise and build strong lasting relations and friendships
  • Work on new ideas with practical experiences to learn more about Taiwanese business culture
  • Free language classes to enhance communication proficiency in Chinese
  • Cultural trips and activities to experience the unique Taiwanese culture
  • Partial subsidy for air ticket fare and maximum 10-week allowance for living expenses of NT$ 30,000.
  • Get a chance to be recruited as a full-time employee in Taiwan after the program
What participants we expect?

We welcome all international youth talents who are interested in seeking their careers in Taiwan to apply. As for the academic degree consideration, applicants with MBA degrees are on the first priority, followed by other master’s degrees, BBA degrees, and other undergraduate degrees. Nonetheless, applicants’ status can be upgraded upon receiving appropriate information and documents to demonstrate and justify their qualifications.

All in all, this is quite an amazing summer internship opportunity in consulting project for international youths all over the world, providing a once-in-a-life-time experience working with international talents, local Taiwanese companies, and senior consultants at the same time. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Apply now!