2015 Program
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Program Timetable
Title Date Memo
Application Before June 15th , 2015 link
Result of the Application June 18th, 2015  
Program Period July 1st, 2015 ~ September 4th, 2015  
Business Information

Sun Lung Gear Works Co., Ltd.

SUN LUNG, established in 1960, is specialized in designing and manufacturing Precision Gears and Gearboxes for plastic extruders, plastic injection machines, blown molding/film machines, pipe/sheet/profile and recycling equipments. With high quality standards, innovative design and reliable customized service, more than 70% of Taiwan's plastic extrusion companies adopt with SUN LUNG gearboxes.

Offical Website:  www.slgear.com.tw/en/index/index.html

Bufab Group

Founded in 1977 in Småland, Bufab is an international company with operations in 23 countries and is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, under the ticker "Bufab".

Bufab is a trading company that offers its customers a fullservice solution as Supply Chain Partner for sourcing, quality control and logistics for C-Parts (screws, nuts,etc). Bufab´s Global Parts Productivity™ customer offering aims to improve productivity in customer´s value chain for C-Parts.

BUFAB TAIWAN was established in 2008 and has developed a comprehensive business network with a variety of Taiwanese manufacturers over the years. Their team focuses on providing customers with global service at a competitive price, including sourcing, purchasing, quality control, suppliers management, logistics consolidation and local support.

Offical Website:  www.bufab.com

Aritex Products Co., Ltd.

Incorporated in 1983, ARITEX PRODUCTS CO., LTD. specializes in the manufacturing of hardware accessories for luxury yachts. Our product line includes anchors, mooring post, railings, angler's chairs, steering wheels, fuel tanks, water tanks, pull door, stainless steel windows, hydraulic lifting boom, hydraulic shoring ladder, etc., all of which are available in hundreds of system items and thousands of specification sizes.

Offical Website:  www.aritex.com.tw

Over-Paradigm Technology Inc.

Over-Paradigm Technology Inc., established in 2000, provides high quality e-Learning content, consulting service and other related service. With creativity, excellent design, multimedia elements and mobile devices, OPA are able to develop various materials & contents and provide superior e-Learning experience.

Their clients include companies in Telecommunication/ Technology/ Manufacturing Industry, Steel & Petrochemical Industry, Finance & Insurance Industry, and Transportation & Logistics Industry.

Offical Website:  www.o-pa.com.tw/en/index.html

Cultural Trip

Fo Guang Shan

Venerable Master Hsing Yun founded Fo Guang Shan in 1967.

Since then it has evolved from a mountaintop bamboo forest to the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan. Master Hsing Yun has inspired the selfless devotion of over 1,000 monastics as well as the ardent support of many lay devotees to assist him in bringing confidence, joy, hopes, and providing service to countless other. Presently Fo Guang Shan has over 200 branch temples throughout the world carrying out the goals of propagating Humanistic Buddhism and establishing a Pure Land on earth.

In May 1997 Fo Guang Shan decided to close its doors to the general public to give monastics the cloistered atmosphere they need for their Buddhist practice. At the end of 2000 President Chen Shui-bian and govermment officials from Kaohsiung visited Fo Guang Shan bringing with them the wish from their constituents that Fo Guang Shan re-open its mountain gate. After due consideration, Fo Guang Shan decided to re-open the monastery to some extent thereby providing the public with a Pure Land environment in which to practice Buddhism.

Offical Website:  www.fgs.org.tw/en/

Chi Mei Museum

Founded by Mr. Wen-long Shi in 1992, Chi Mei Museum is a private museum of the Chi Mei Corporation in Rende District, Tainan,Taiwan. There are various of collection, including five categories: Western Art (including painting, sculpture, decorative arts and period furniture); Musical instruments; Natural history; Arms and armor; Antiquities and artifacts.

Offical Website:  www.chimeimuseum.org/ml/English/3

Ciaotou Sugar Refinery Clay Baking

The district is characterized by its sugar refinery which has been made into a museum of Taiwan’s sugar industry. Visitors can walk around in Ciatou Sugar Refinery surrounded by trees, old buildings, rail gauge, and artworks.

For those who enjoy cycling, you can rent a bicycle to discover the beautiful routes and enjoy the natural scenes. There are areas for BBQ and Clay Baking for people who want to expereince a traditional way to cook.