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  • Dean Li, Guillaume Valery, President Liao (left to right)

  • Group Photo of 2015 TEEP-ICPT

  • Name: Guillaume Valery
  • Year: 2015
  • Company: Sun Lung Gear
  • Description:

Sun Lung Gear is a professional manufacturer of gearboxes used in driving different kinds of machines. As a No. 1 producer in Taiwan with market share over 70%, President Liao is anxious to expand abroad to penetrate into different markets as the market in Taiwan has been saturated, as he said in a presentation to a group of visiting MBA students from NSYSU, “we will initiate a new growth stage by expanding to foreign markets.” To consolidate the efforts, President Liao first recruited Guillaume Valery, a Burkina Faso student just graduated from IBMBA program, NSYSU in 2015, to specifically focus on exploring new markets.

In addition, President Liao also participated in ICPT, a consultancy project initiated by College of Management, NSYSU, and assigned Guillaume to act as a project coordinator to work with a group of MBA student team to find out the best way to explore overseas markets for Sun Lung. During this project period, ICPT student team worked closely with Guillaume to figure out the most efficient procedures to join in an international trade show and how the company should do in each step. The key performance indexes for joining a show provide Sun Lung a very good tool to evaluate costs and benefits.

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