RE-OPENING of 2022 program & Taiwan's pandemic-prevention policy
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Dear all,

We are excited to reopen the program again in 2022! However, please note that the online application will end on May 7 because of the quota we plan to recruit this year. Those got recruited in 2020 will be given priority to join the 2022 program and we will save some quota for new applications. We will update the 2022 program schedule and information soon for your reference. 

On-line application link:


Moreover, participants join the program this summer are required to follow Taiwan's pandemic-prevention policy, which will make your travel cost rise as well as longer visa application procedure, please go through all the information below. 

1.    Travel cost: All the participants are required to stay in the quarantine hotel for 15 nights on your arrival in Taiwan according to current policy. It is estimated to cost you around NTD 25000 to NTD 30000 (USD850 to USD 1000) for the quarantine hotel fees and other miscellaneous expenses. (We will update the policy because the quarantine length might be adjusted again in near future)


2.    Visa application: It will take at least 1.5 months to accomplish the procedure this time, and we will guide all the participants step by step.  


3.    All the participants are required to prepare available COVID-19 RT-PCR test reports before your departure to Taiwan, and you should take PCR test again on your arrival at Taiwan’s airport. The links below are provided by the Office of International Affairs of NSYSU, please check all the information first. 

(Visa application information for TEEP program participants to NSYSU),r4475.php?Lang=en 

        (Arrival & Quarantine Measures)